Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another Weekend Another Fazenda

Woke up early today and headed to the SP BMW dealership where they had organized a ride for BMW riders. The destination was Morungaba, SP approximately 100 km from Sao Paulo. See route below.

There were almost 35 bikes there for the ride today and that is not usually a recipe for a good ride. Now you have to look out for 34 other idiots on the road around you. Anyway, Felipe and his wife Camila that I always ride with on the BMW sponsored rides were there as well. Around 10 am we headed out of SP. As I imagined it was a cluster F#$%. People kept trying to pass and get close to the ride leader and he kept slowing down to make sure everyone was following. Finally Felipe did the right thing and just sped past the group and I followed him so we could ride on our own pace. At the mid-point we met up with the group and then rode the rest of the way together to the Fazenda. While the route itself there was nothing to rave about, the Fazenda was very nice.  Check out the link below. But I also took some pictures.

After a typical Brazilian lunch and a lot of horror stories about people falling from the motorcycle at the lunch table which left me thoroughly irritated, we headed back to SP.  The ride back was much shorter as we didn't take any breaks although the traffic and the speedy curves gave quite a challenge.

That's it folks. Until the next ride. Tchau.

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