Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 - London to Calais France. 160 Km

Managed to wake up at 9 am and went for breakfast with Audrey in a neighbor hood cafe. Interesting decor. Bunch of random stuff. See attached picture..

Don't know who the old lady is. Made my way to the bike Store to pick It up. Happy to see it was in a nice condition with all the luggage already installed. My meeting time with Vishal was supposed to be 11 am. At noon when he didn't show up I called him and guess what he forgot his passport at home and had to go back to get it !!! At 1 pm he finally showed up. We finished installing the flip video mount and off we went. Within the first two minutes I nearly killed my self by starting to driv on the right side of the road ! Thankfully V man came and reminded me I am in UK not Brazil. Getting out of south London is a bitch. Too much traffic and it was hot that day. Anyway once we got on the motorway it was much better. As I was riding my gps holder which was already slightly damaged broke off. Luckily I was able to hold the case with my left hand and then had to ride the next 10 minutes with one hand only. Not a good idea but neither is losing your gps at the beginning of a trip. Soon we made it to the eurotrain station. It was a very interesting experience. You get a ticket from the machine and then head to the french border. There was no immigration or passport check. We entered train with our bikes and 40 minutes later we were in France ! Rode up to our hotel in Calais. As I was entering the hotel I heard people speaking portugese so I started talking to them. There was a big group of Brazilians! My portugese speaking skills would be invaluable in this trip as it would then out. After shower headed Down for dinner. Few things about the French we learned on day 1. French fries are also called French fries in France, also everyone in Calais is atleast a 100 years old and they still had yet to see two south Asians given the strange looks we got. That night after watching an extremely disappointing A&M game I went to sleep.

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  1. I've read the blog! I think if all else fails in life you can definitely take up writing and not to mention ride bikes :p Its a beautiiifuulll place and maybe i can go there someday as well! I wanted to comment individually on the pictures buts its not allowing me as i dont have a facebooj account! You talked about the ladies on the way and what about the men :P