Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 1 - London

Arrived in London Heathrow early morning on Friday sept 23rd. It's amazing how nice the people were to me with an American passport versus the Pakistani one. Sad but true. I made my way to Audrey's apartment in Hackney. She is truly living like a person in the art world in a cute apartment. Got some much needed sleep as I spent most of the time in the plane getting kicked and fondled by an old lady sitting behind me.

Woke up and headed to a motorcycle gear store to buy some real tough motorcycle shoes. The stores in London are awesome and it's nice not to buy stuff off the Internet and worry whether they would fit or not. Check them out. Thanks Amina!

After getting the boots I met all my old friends from different places now living in London. Abid who has been my friend for over 20 years now back to our Aitchison days, Azeemeh from Houston, Nomaan from Aitchison and NYC and Audrey from NYC. Had a great dinner and ended the night at China White. That night I slept at 330 am and had to wake up at 9 to leave for my trip but could hardly sleep with the excitement!

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