Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 3 - Calais France to Nancy France (534 km)

Woke up at 8 and after a quick breakfast at the hotel we took off for Nancy. Here are we outside the hotel before we headed out.

The French highways were nice and clean but the French Bugs were big and disgusting. I had to clean my helmet after every stop we made. Check it out below.

The side winds in the beginning part of our trip was very strong and both me and Vishal were suffering majorly. We decided to slow down our speed to 110-120 km versus the over 130 km we were doing initially and it made a huge difference. The trip was quite eventful other than the heat which was intense. We got Nancy to around 530 pm and headed to our hotel. As I was taking a much needed shower I managed to get water in my right ear and then suffered the rest of the night with a swimmers ear. We headed to the center to get dinner on foot. Nancy is a decent sized town and there were a lot of choices for restaurants. I sat down at a pizzeria when Vishal excitedly told me that there was a Pakistani restaurant here. We made our way there and guess what there indeed was a Pakistani restaurant only that it was called Le Gandhi!! Anyway, I got over my hurt patriotic feelings and ordered dinner to the owner in a shalwar kameez who spoke to us in Urdu.

The food was fantastic and it was the highlight of of somewhat long and tiring day. Finished the night dreaming of the alps.

link to pics

Link to Pics

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