Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 7- a crazy mountain pass and the "old" road

Our last day in Andermatt was the best. We did a wide variety of roads and went deep into the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. We were planning on doing this trip anyway but this was reinforced by a German mechanic and his daughter staying at our hotel. Our plan was to visit Oberalp, Lukmanier and St.Gotthard. The German told us to make sure we went up the old road onto St. Gotthard. The town before St.Gotthard didn't look like it was part of Switzerland. The signs were all in Italian and the architecture was well. So it was only appropriate that we had Italian for Lunch. We ended up at St.Gotthard but on the new road which was like a highway. Vishal was very disappointed so we decided we were going to go down the old road and come up again. What a great decision. The road is 700 years old and made of stones with very sharp turns which means we had to go very slow but what an amazing time. We loved it and it was a great end to our last day in Andermatt.

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