Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 - Nancy, France to Andermatt, Switzerland (350 Km)

Link to PicsWoke up Monday morning and had breakfast in the hotel. Mapped out our final route using the IPad and we were finally on our way to the Swiss Alps. I think after one full day of riding behind us we both were feeling much more comfortable. We had decided to cut across a massive natural reserve in lieu of taking a highway around it and it was totally worth it. There were massive forests and nice windy roads going through the reserve. Had lunch in a very small restaurant in Switzerland where everyone looked at us like we were aliens. I had to speak Portugese to be able to order my food. Here we are outside the restaurant.

 Right after we got through the reseve we were almost in Switzerland. There was once again no immigration or border control and we crossed through Basel. Vishal managed to take the wrong exit even with the Gps but we finally met up after I pulled over and waited for him. Here he is finally showing up.

 It was bloody hot that day. We rode the nice Swiss highways all the way to the alps and around 6 pm we were finally In Andermatt. So a journey that began in Sao Paulo Brazil and literally involved planes, trains, automobiles and motorcycles ended in the Swiss Alps. Our hotel was known to be biker friendly and the owner welcomed us and put our bikes inside the garage. Here is the outside of our hotel.

 Thankfully he also spoke English. The only weird part was that my room number was 13 but who cares ...I am in the Alps ! After a nice steak for dinner I finally went to bed ready to hit the curves the next morning.

A note on Andermatt. Draw a straight line across the alps from Milan Italy to Zurich Switzerland. Right in the middle of the line in the very middle of the alps is Andermatt Switzerland. For centuries Andermatt was the crossroads of the alps. Italy to the South, France to the west, Germany to the north and Austria to the east. Andermatt, according to one author is for Alpinists and motorcyclists. Where the crowds dont go but motorcycles do.

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